3 Ways to Get a Mobile App

Over 80% of online content is accessed by mobile device, and people prefer mobile apps to mobile websites at a rate of 9 to 1.

With the average smartphone owner engaging more than 2,000 times per week to conduct over 221 daily transactions, it’s clear why businesses are moving from mobile friendly websites to native mobile apps. There are many options to go mobile, all with varying levels of effort, time and costs to achieve. Here are the three most popular “Get a Mobile App” methods.

  1. Hire Professionals:
    Historically, people searched long and hard then paid a lot of money for iOS and Android developers to code their mobile apps. AppNotch was founded by Mobile Developers for Fortune 100 companies who could afford the ever increasing rates in a field where demand outpaces availability. Due to the shortage of qualified developers, this method for achieving native app development will remain cost prohibitive for a majority of the market.

    However, many website builders and web designers can add mobile apps to their service offerings using the methods below, or you can do it yourself to reduce costs.
  2. Use App Builder Tools:
    To make Apps more accessible and affordable for every one, AppNotch and many other companies launched App Builders which made it faster and easier to build native mobile apps. Using app builder tools, users can design and publish their apps just as you’d design and publish a website using site building tools and templates.But not all app builders are equal, and even with one of the best app builders on the market, AppNotch CEO Laxman Sankar thought it still was not easy enough for people to build and maintain apps.
  3. Convert your Website into a Mobile App:
    In July 2015, AppNotch launched the third and fastest way to get a native mobile app. Just type your URL in the field and follow a few simple steps, and you can have your website as a native mobile app in just minutes. Sending Push Notifications is as easy as texting, and anytime you update your website, your app automatically updates, too. Creating Native Mobile Apps cannot really get any easier, but Laxman continues to try, so we’ll keep you posted. We’re excited to support the mobile revolution with options that address common resource constraints. If you have ideas to make the transition from website to mobile app even easier, please let us know—we’re tracking and sharing this stuff as fast as we can find it.