The New Google: Apps are Driving SEO in 2015

Google Search is Now Listing Related Apps
Over the past two years, Google has been actively advocating for developers to integrate mobile responsive views into the websites they build.

As mobile usage showed signs of exceeding desktop usage, rumors said Google would be giving negative SEO points to non-responsive websites. Pro-active developers and designers listened and implemented responsive features using frameworks like jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap, and Zurb Foundation to name a few.

Google Pulled the Trigger in April 2015
Websites started seeing the impact on SEO ranking immediately. While this was going on, we were building our next AppNotch innovation – a Web to App Converter solution. This is an SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) integrated solution that anyone can use to convert any website into an Android and iOS native app. AppNotch web to app converter is framework agnostic and programming language agnostic.

I recall several discussions we had internally and with our clients about how Google SEO has transitioned over the years. They awarded points for back-links, blogs, followers, optimized content loading, performance, and finally for a website being responsive.

It Just Makes Sense
At AppNotch, we are talking about the next logical transition for better SEO by Google. Of critical importance is the conclusion that a website which has an app associated with it will have to be ranked higher than a website where no such app currently exists. We at AppNotch were thrilled to see how our new Web to App Converter will boost the SEO value.

In addition to the fast and inexpensive approach to build a native app, other great value propositions we offer to our customers is the boost in SEO their website gets and the unlimited Push Notification with Push Logs.

In closing, I want to share how thrilled everyone at AppNotch is today, that this morning, Google announced that search results now include App store search results, confirming our prediction just as we were heading out to HostingCon 2015 to present our Web to App Converter.