Checklist for your app to App Stores

Get Started:

  1. Mobile Friendly or Responsive URL
  2. Valid Email Address

Branding Images for Google:

  1. A square image that will be used for your App Icon and will also displayed in the App store. Dimension in Pixels: 1024 width x 1024 height in PNG or JPEG format
  2. A rectangular Portrait-oriented image that will be displayed while your app is loading. Dimension in Pixels: 720 width x 1280 height in PNG or JPEG format
  3. A rectangular Landscape-oriented image to be displayed in the Google Store. Dimension in Pixels: 1024 width x 500 height in PNG or JPEG format

App Store Information:

  1. A name for your app
  2. A short description less than 80 characters
  3. A long description less than 4000 characters
  4. Categorize your app (a primary & a secondary) from the list of choices provided
  5. A minimum of two keywords to your app for searches (cannot be copyrighted or trademarked terms)
  6. Contact details (name, email address and phone #)
  7. Google Play Developer Account (With email and Password)

Perform a careful, final check by test-driving your app on your phone using the AppNotch Previewer app. Details on how to use it are in Step 7. Be sure to look for typos, test all links and buttons, and verify that all images look sharp and clear.

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