What type of features do I get in my app?

AppNotch gives you incredible features like:

  • Unlimited Push Notifications: Send special offers, coupons, and even direct URL links ­ to your customers.
  • Push Logs: All your customer push notifications get stored in a “Push Log” inside your app. Users are a click away from seeing all notices. They can delete or share those notices with friends.
  • Maintenance-free Auto Website Sync: Once your app is live, it won’t need maintenance. When you update your website, your app will get auto ­­updated also.
  • Total Website Functionality: All your website functions will work in your new mobile app. If you have social, eCommerce, blogging, etc…plugins, they’ll all work on your app.
  • Easy One Tap Dialing: This feature lets your customers contact you with a single tap.
  • Share: Use Social Media widgets to get your app onto social pages like facebook, Twitter, etc.