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What type of features do I get in my app?

AppNotch gives you incredible features like:

  • Unlimited Push Notifications: Send special offers, coupons, and even direct URL links ­ to your customers.
  • Push Logs: All your customer push notifications get stored in a “Push Log” inside your app. Users are a click away from seeing all notices. They can delete or share those notices with friends.
  • Maintenance-free Auto Website Sync: Once your app is live, it won’t need maintenance. When you update your website, your app will get auto ­­updated also.
  • Total Website Functionality: All your website functions will work in your new mobile app. If you have social, eCommerce, blogging, etc…plugins, they’ll all work on your app.
  • Easy One Tap Dialing: This feature lets your customers contact you with a single tap.
  • Share: Use Social Media widgets to get your app onto social pages like facebook, Twitter, etc.

Can I test my app before I purchase?

Yes, just download the free AppNotch Previewer App from the iTunes or Google Play store. Once installed, all you need to do is enter your email address and application ID and tap Submit. Your mobile app will open and you can try it right away.

As a matter of fact, you can even send a sample push notification to see how that amazing feature works.

My app is not displaying correctly in the previewer?

If your website is mobile responsive, it should display correctly. Occasionally a site will have a bug in the code or some other custom feature that breaks it’s ability to convert properly.

Our converter works great on websites created by:

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Squarespace
  4. Jimdo
  5. WordPress
  6. Facebook Pages
  7. Google +
  8. Godaddy Pro Web Builder
  9. and many more.

If your app doesn’t look great, please contact support@appnotch.com for help.

Is a Mobile App the same as a Mobile Friendly Website?


A mobile friendly website is a website that’s designed to look good on any mobile device.

A mobile app puts your business ON YOUR CUSTOMER’S PHONE. It has all the functionality of a website like shopping cart, loyalty programs, social, etc… but much more.

An app is a great way to engage your customers and increase sales with less effort than ever before. Your mobile app will work offline and include phone features (like push notifications) that are not available for websites.

Mobile apps can be published in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. A good mobile strategy includes a mobile friendly site and a mobile app.

Why should my business have a mobile app?

Where are your customers? They’re looking at their mobile devices! The growth of mobile is explosive and all the stats are moving towards mobile.
Your new app will boost your brand as your ICON will there every time your customers look at their phone. Recent studies show that the average person looks at their smartphone over 100 times each day.
With a click of a button, your customers can contact you so you don’t miss out on any sales. Most importantly, you can keep your customer engaged and increase sales with them by sending timely (meaningful/helpful/funny) push messages that will make your mobile app a must­ have.
SEO increase. Yes, Google is now linking your website to any mobile app that you have. It’s just a matter of time before having a mobile app will be a requirement for top ranking.


Do you submit my app to the app stores or do I have to do it?

We do all the work for you! We submit your mobile app to Google Play. All you need is to give us your logo, icon, splash image and your Android developer account and we do the rest. If you prefer, you can submit your own application, but you’ll have to have your own Google Developers Certificate ($25).

How long does it take to publish my app in Google Play?

Most apps take 3 business days to publish. Google usually approves your app in 24 hours.

How do I update my app?

It should auto­-update when you update your website. If your app is not updating, you may need to clear the cache your phone. It’s not likely you’ll need to do this, but it’s easy to do. You can usually find the Clear Cache options in your phone’s Application Settings.

Where is AppNotch located?

1878 Craigshire Dr St. Louis, MO 63146

How can I contact AppNotch?

Phone: 1 (314) ­433- ­3222

Email: customersuccess@appnotch.com

Chat link on our website: http://www.AppNotch.com

My app doesn’t look right in Step 1, how can I fix it?

Some apps may not preview well in Step 1, yet look great on your phone. To check it out, get the free AppNotch Previewer app for your phone. This will let you test-drive your app on your phone before purchasing/publishing.

I am having issues with the AppNotch Preview App?

  • Rating: AppNotch Preview app is rated 17+. Make sure your App Settings allows for that age group.
  • Version: AppNotch Preview app is designed for iOS 8 and above.
  • Push: Make sure Push is enabled in your App Settings.
  • Content Update/Sync: Your app automatically displays latest content from the source website.
  • Crash: Try closing other open apps in your phone and then open the Preview app.  If you are still facing issues, contact info@AppNotch.com

What does the different status mean in the App Dashboard?

If all steps are completed and the app has been submitted to be built, it goes through multiple validation checks before getting built. List of statuses and their meaning:

App ReviewWaiting for an Admin to review and submit the app to Google Play/iTunes

Awaiting Review– App built successfully and is now waiting for our publishers to take the request for review.

Build Failed – An error occurred with the compiling of the Application (Don’t worry, we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible)

Building – Foundry has picked up the request and app is being compiled

Live – App has been moved to this status by an Admin to signify the app is approved and available in Google Play / iTunes

Missing InfoBuild was SUCCESSFUL but while in App Review, an Admin found missing information for publishing to the store ( Go to Step 8 and Click Missing Info after you have updated the missing items)

Pending – Build has NOT been submitted for store review, but user has paid.

Private – App is a private app, and successfully built and hosted on App47 (it is otherwise the same as ‘Live’)

Processing – Build request is in the queue

Ready – DIY Users when their build is ready (successfully built)

Store Reject – Build was rejected by the App Store

Store Review – App has been submitted to the store and awaiting approval from Google Play/iTunes

Trial – Build has NOT been submitted, nor has any payment information been set

Why am I unable to Download my App?

  • Make sure you have enough space on you phone for the app to download.
  • Check Your internet connection.

Checklist to Build and Publish Your App to the App Stores

Get Started:

  1. Mobile Friendly or Responsive URL
  2. Valid Email Address

Branding Images for Google and Apple:

  1. A square image that will be used for your App Icon and will also displayed in the App store. Dimension in Pixels: 1024 width x 1024 height in PNG or JPEG format
  2. A rectangular Portrait-oriented image that will be displayed while your app is loading. Dimension in Pixels: 720 width x 1280 height in PNG or JPEG format
  3. A rectangular Landscape-oriented image to be displayed in the Google Store. Dimension in Pixels: 1024 width x 500 height in PNG or JPEG format

App Store Information:

  1. A name for your app
  2. A short description less than 80 characters
  3. A long description less than 4000 characters
  4. Categorize your app (a primary & a secondary) from the list of choices provided
  5. A minimum of two keywords to your app for searches (cannot be copyrighted or trademarked terms)
  6. Contact details (name, email address and phone #)

Perform a careful, final check by test-driving your app on your phone using the AppNotch Previewer app.  Details on how to use it are in Step 7.  Be sure to look for typos, test all links and buttons, and verify that all images look sharp and clear.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you, so please call us: +1 (314) 433-3222 or email: Customer Success@Appnotch.com or visit our site: www.AppNotch.com to contact us by Live chat.

Why doesn’t my app show the latest content from my website?

This can vary based on your cache settings. The changes have been  saved, but the device that displays your app is using cached information. There are three ways to fix this:

  1. Wait 24 hours.
  2. Do a pull-down refresh by placing your finger at the top of the screen and dragging it down.
  3. Go to the app’s cache settings and clear the cache.

A freshly-downloaded app will always show the most recent version of your site.

How is it possible for my app to work offline?

When users view a page in your app, all content that can be saved will be cached and available offline (without an internet connection).

Note: Users will not be able to use web-connectivity dependent features, like RSS feeds, links to other sites, etc., until internet connectivity is restored. This includes newly added information or never before accessed pages.

internet Connection
If the user’s device does not currently have an internet connection. This disclaimer will appear above the footer, but the user may still access pages that have been previously cached.

What Links are required to be ‘External’ and why?

External links refer to those links when clicked, load in a new window or tab.

If your app is an Android-exclusive app, you do not have to worry about external links.

Certain links have to be made external  for the following reason:

  • Because your app wraps around your website, all links to other domains/websites should not be accessible while in your app. (Apple may reject the app for having other websites be viewed while in the app )
  • Advertisements links, more than likely lead to other domains and violate Apple’s guidelines
  • The collection of charitable donations must be done vie a website in Safari of an SMS (3.2.2.iv)
  • Apple may also reject shopping carts for digital goods due to their guidelines of any digital goods purchased in the app to ONLY be accessed in the app (3.1.5)
  • This works the opposite way as well: digital goods purchased outside of the app can not be used in the app.

So, The following categories of links MUST open as external links:

  • Any link that leads to a different domain: If I have a link to my friend’s Weebly page or any other site’s url that doesn’t begin with my website’s web address. For example, my app is MyCoolApp.weebly.com but I have a link to AnotherCoolApp.weebly.com
  • Ads
  • Shopping cart with digital goods like mp3 files, downloadable videos, ebooks: At least the checkout link needs to be external.
  • Any links to donations: If the donation is taken in real-life currencies.

Check Out the Apple Review Guidelines Here

How do I use the Camera in my mobile app?

You may now add a camera to your app’s footer!

The in-app Camera Feature allows your users to take and send a picture to your email or share online.

  • Email – Address Where you want the users’ pictures sent to (Default: Your AppNotch email)
  • Subject – (Optional) The Subject of the email
  • Message – (Optional) Starting Message Text of the email
  • Prompt – (Optional) A message to users on why they should share their photos.

The First Time your customers use the camera on their iOS device a message box will ask for permission to use the Camera and access photos.
Simulator Screen Shot Apr 22, 2016, 3.29.09 PM

If a user taps ‘Don’t Allow’ the Camera Feature will not work properly.
If a user wants to reenable the camera after tapping ‘Don’t Allow’ the user can go to

    1. iOS Settings >
    2. [Your App Name] >
    3. Photo and Toggle the switch on (green).

Photo Reenable

The below photo displays where your Prompt text is shown.
Tap the Envelope Icon to Email or Tap the Share Icon!

This is an example of the email message detailsIMG_3104
You can also share the photo using other apps


How do I sell my App in the App Stores?

To sell your app, you will need to publish the app yourself.  You will NOT have to pay the submission fee, BUT you will need to provide your own google and apple developer accounts. Please follow the steps below to sell your App yourself.

  1. Refer to these links to get your own developer licenses.
  2. Create an App using your website URL in AppNotch Dashboard (click ‘MY NATIVE APPS’ in the top right drop down list or ‘MY APPS’ in the top-right) and complete the steps 1,2,3
  3. Click ‘Advanced’ (top left on the configure page) on step 4 and 5. Choose ‘Custom’ type and complete the steps 4,5,6 with the necessary info.
  4. Activate Android/Apple in step 8
  5. Go your App Dashboard (click ‘MY NATIVE APPS’ in the top right drop down list or ‘MY APPS’ in the top-right) Click the ‘SHARE/GET LINK’ to download your mobile apps.
  6. Follow these videos tutorials Android publish & Apple publish to publish your app to the App stores.
  7. Download your Screen Shots from steps 4 and 5 by Right Clicking. You’ll need every size for Apple.

Let us know if you have any issues or questions. Open a support ticket or chat online.


WARNING: Publishing your own app is difficult.

Do not attempt if you are not tech-savvy.

Can I change my home URL or homepage?

Yes, But this will require a resubmission.

You may want to change your starting URL because you changed your website’s domain.

Please Contact CustomerSupport@AppNotch.Com


What requires an app store Re-Submission?

If you’re App is already published and LIVE, some items are not instantly updatable and REQUIRE A RESUBMISSION , (and may cost a Resubmission Fee)


    • App Icon
    • Splash Image
    • Store Listing Images (Screen Shots displayed in each AppStore)
    • App Name
    • App Description( Displayed in each AppStore)
    • App Category
    • KeyWords
  • These Settings Require a Resubmission, because the app approval process by Google and Apple requires a new version of the app
  • Resubmissions usually do not take as long as the initial submission, but may take a week for changes to be published.


  • Changes That DO NOT Require Resubmission, may take up to an hour to appear or you can reinstall the app to verify.

My app doesn’t appear correctly in the AppNotch App Previewer. Why?

If your website is responsive, it should transform seamlessly. Although occasionally a site will have a snippet of code or some other custom feature that breaks its ability to convert properly.

If your app doesn’t look as good as as you expected, please contact support@appnotch.com for help.

How to add or enable donation feature and utilize within the app ?

  1. When you create your app in AppNotch, in Step 1 – under Add Features, select “New Browser” and enter the URL that accepts the donation.
  2. When you create your app in AppNotch, in Step 1 – under Add Features, you can select Simplify to collect money. This will require you having MasterCard Simplify account. You can contact them to get a Non-Profit account.
  3. If your website includes PayPal or a link to any donation collecting website, the app will automatically support that feature. Note: ensure the donation link opens in new window, this is due to Apple policy.

How do I install my app from a direct download?

The examples shown in this instruction may vary by device.


Download an APK file

Click OK, to confirm download request.

Swipe from the top of your Android device to reach the notification tray. There you will see your APK file download progress.


After the file has downloaded. Click the item to install the app.

In order to run your app you must

Enable “Unknown Sources”.  

Click “Settings”


This is the most important step for installing APK files on your Android. Without enabling this option you won’t be able to install the APK directly. To enable Unknown Sources go to

Settings > Security

and check the box next to” Unknown Sources “.


A dialogue box may pop-up asking you to confirm the action, Tap OK to confirm.


Your app should now be installed.

How do I find my App ID?

1. Log into www.appnotch.com
2. On your dashboard, you will see your app ID

How do I know if my website is Mobile Friendly?

You can find out if your site is mobile friendly by inputting your website url in this link.

Mobile Friendly Test