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How many downloads does my app have?

-Implement Google Analytics and View the number of Users.

How to obtain Google Analytics Tracking Id?

  1. If you do not have a Google Analytics account, visit this link to create one: . Otherwise, login to your account.
  2. “What would you like to track?”
    1. Choose ‘Mobile App’ 
  3. Create a Property
  4. Fill in the other fields on the page.
  5. Click ‘Get Tracking ID’ to obtain your tracking ID on the next screen.

How Many Downloads Do I have?

Please follow these steps:

1. Log into your AppNotch account
2. on your dashboard click on “SHARE/PROMOTE”
3. Click the “+” on Google Analytics
4. From there you can see how many people have downloaded your app.

How Do I Enable Google Analytics?

On your Configure Page Step 3 (App Info)

There is a CheckBox

GA Tracking ID

A Text Box will appear and you must then Enter in a GA Tracking Id and Click ‘Apply Changes’

It looks similar to this UA-1234567-8

Google Analytics automatically knows the app’s device type.
You may use the same tracking id for both Android and iOS, but it is not required.
We left it up to you to choose how you would like to receive the data.

You may want to Follow the Mobile App Analytics Guidelines.

You must Enable GA and Provide a GA Tracking Id Android and Apple Google Analytics  Tab to Track your app on both Platforms.

What information is sent to Google Analytics from my mobile app?

Google Analytics has a few built in features such as users, new users, sessions, device model, location (based on IP address),

But here are some metrics we’ve added to analyze your users’ behavior in your app.

  • Screen Views
    • Main – Where users view your site
    • Settings – Access to app settings
    • Messages – List of push messages
    • Push – An individual push message
    • Camera – The footer camera screen
  • Events
    • Category > Action > Label
    • Main >
      • Page Load >
        • URL
    • Settings >
      • Update App
      • Update Cache
      • Clear Cache
    • Push >
      • Each push event has the label set to the Push ID. available on your push istory page.
      • Viewed Push – User Clicked Item from Messages list
      • Shared Push – User Clicked Share
      • Deleted Push – User Clicked Delete
      • Opened Push – User Opened Push from notification tray
      • Geo-Radius – User was in range of geo push
      • Received Push – Notification shown to User
    • Footer >
      • URL – Navigation from footer
      • Ext Url – External navigation
      • Map
      • Email
      • Messages – Open Messages Screen
      • Telephone
      • Camera – Open the Footer Camera
    • Camera
      • Camera – Opening the camera to take new photo
      • Gallery – Opening Gallery to select photo
      • Send – Clicked Send (to your email)
      • Share – Clicked Share (other social media)
  • Crashes/Exceptions
    • If You are noticing a lot of app Crashes or Exceptions,  Please Contact Us and Include the description of the error.

I’m using my app, but events are not showing up in Real-Time!

The dispatch time interval is currently set to 5 minutes. So you may wait a few minutes for your info to show up. This means that all events triggered per device will be sent in a batch request using only one API call after a 5 minute period. This is to prevent exceeding your API limit of 10 API calls per second, which may result in data loss.

Also, since your tracking ID is updatable (allows you to change the property after your app is Live),  If you just updated your tracking Id,  it may take up to an hour to reflect the change. You may also speed up the process by deleting your app from the device, and re-installing it.

If you are using the AppNotch Previewer, tracking events are sent to our GA account.

Why Hasn’t My Data Shown Up?

If your app was built before June 10th, 2016, Your app does not include the Google Analytics Feature and must be resubmitted for publishing.


Verify that in Configuration Steps 4 (Android) and 5 (Apple),

  • Google Analytics is Enabled
  • Your tracking Id is Correct.

Depending on what Reporting Time Zone you selected when creating your Google Analytics Property,

your data will not be calculated and displayed until midnight.


How Do I Analyze My GA Data?

We Have created a Dashboard and Goal Template for you to implement.

MyApp Dashboard and Push Goal

  1. Sign In to Google Analytics
  2. Choose Which View you would like to Add the goal and Dashboard to.
  3. You may choose to rename either.
  4. Click Create

GA - 0 link

This will create a dashboard with some common charts to help you interpret how effective your app is.

To View The Dashboard

  1. Click Reporting
  2. Click the Triangle Arrow to see the side panel
  3. Click Dashboard
  4. Expand Private
  5. Click on your new Dashboard!

GA 01 - dash



  • Users – How many total users have opened your app?
  • New Users – How many users are new for each day
  • Session Locations – Info-graph showing distribution of sessions per geographic region

1 - Users Location-2


  • Devices – What type of mobile devices are my users on?
  • Average Session Duration – How long are users staying in your app?
  • Average Screens / Session – Do users utilize the whole app?

2 - Device sessions

  • Users by Count of Sessions – Are my users coming back to the app?
  • Avg. Time on Screen – How long do users look at each screen?
  • Popular – What pages were navigated to the most?

3 - popular

  • Opened Push Goal – Percentage of users who have read a notification.
  • Number of Users Who Read Message – How many users did each push notification reach?

4 - Push Goal

  • Push URL Clicked – How many users followed your individual push link?
  • Users Who Used Push URL – How many people per day are following your push links?

5 - push url


Feel free to use this template. Hopefully it helps you gain some insight in to your users.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact CustomerSupport