Push Notification

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How do I send a Push Notification?

How to Send a Push Notification:

  1. Log into to your account dashboard
  2. Click on the blue Push link next to your app
  3. Complete the Title, Message, and URL (optional)
  4. Click Send

Alternative Methods :

You can also go to http://www.appnotch.com/Converter/pushapp/login

    • Login with your AppNotch registered email and password (USER LOGIN TAB)
    • Select an app (if you have more than one)


    • OR


    • Login with your AppId and PushApp Password (APP LOGIN TAB)
    • I know my AppId, Where’s My Application Password?
      • Open your App’s configuration to Step 6
      • Click “Advanced” on the Basic/Advanced toggle at the top left of the screen.
      • Your PushApp password is now listed at the bottom.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is a mass text message that you send to all the users that downloaded your app.

Is there a way to send a Push Notification to certain users?

Not yet, but this is on our list of future enhancements. However, you can use Geo Push to send to a ZIP code or an area in a Map.

Once a push notification is viewed by the app user, does it disappear?

No. Each app has a Push Log, which stores the notifications that a user can share/delete later. You can include a Push Log or Messages button in the footer menu for your app. The app owner can manage the Push messages from the Push History screen.

Is there a way to delete older, previously-sent push messages?

Yes. Whoever sends the Push Notifications can see and delete the older push messages. When the sender deletes messages from the Push History, the message will still be listed on all devices that have already received the message. The Message will appear in the App’s Messages list until the individual user deletes that message from their device.

Why am I not receiving Push Notifications?

When you arrive at your AppNotch Dashboard there will be a blue Push link.


When you click the link a box will pop up where you can design your push notification.

If your app is not live (Trial) only “Previewer” will display. This will send a notification to the AppNotch Previewer App ONLY.


Make sure that you have “previewed” your app by entering in your Email Address and AppId and clicking “Submit”.

The first time you open the app, you must agree to receiving Push Notifications. Click “OK“.


If your app is LIVE you can now send push notifications to your app. Make sure you have the “PUSH” tab selected.



Notification Troubleshooting Check List

  1. You have opened your app at least once. (This is when your App subscribes your device to receive messages)
  2. You have agreed to receiving Push Notifications (iOS Only)
  3. You have the correct tab selected when sending the push (PUSH/PREVIEWER)
  4. You have not “force-quit” closed the app (by swiping up when listing all apps open on your device)

If you have tried all of these suggestions and your notifications are still not being received, please contact support@appnotch.com