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I cannot login or reset my password for my Weebly website.

Weebly Users must login to AppNotch through Weebly.
You actually do not have an AppNotch Password, Weebly securely logs into AppNotch for you!
How Convenient!
When Editing Your Weebly Site…

  1. On the Left, Click The ‘Apps’ Tab
  2. Then Click ‘My Apps’
  3. Then Click The ‘Manage’ Button
    Manage My App

Remember to Rate the AppNotch App in the Weebly App Center.
We Appreciate your business. If you aren’t completely 5-Star-Satisfied Please let us know!

How do I configure a link on my website to open in a new window?


  1. Go to the properties of the linked button or text. In most cases, just right-click the link to see the link options.
  2. Select ‘Open in a new Window’
  3. Save/Publish
  4. Test the link to make sure it opens in a new window.

Here is a helpful link for making links

If you are not a Weebly user OR you manually add links to your site, You must add target="_blank" to each link.
< a href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank" > My Link </a >

How do I Remove The ‘Powered By Weebly’ Footer Link?

This feature is part of an upgraded plan. You must not be using the Free Version of Weebly.
At the Bottom of your Weebly Edit Page

  1. Click Change
  2. customfooter1

  3. This box will open if you are not an upgraded Weebly member.
  4. customfooter2

After You’ve Upgraded Check Out This Video
Weebly’s Change the Footer Video