Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile websites are not enough, today businesses need native mobile apps.  Remember when websites were optional?

We’ll look back on yesterday as a time when having a native mobile app was an option, but today native mobile apps are a necessity for every organization.  Here are three reasons why your businesses needs a mobile app: 

  1. Boost Your Brand: 
    For the past decade, you were not considered a legitimate business if you didn’t have a website.  Now people prefer native mobile apps to websites at a rate of nearly 9 to 1 and the average mobile device owner logs into their phone more than 2,000 times per week to carry out over 221 tasks per day.  If your brand is an icon on the desktop of a mobile device, a native mobile app is quite possibly the best branding ROI that money can buy.
  2. Customer Engagement and Retention: 
    For the past decade, website forms have captured sales leads and facilitated business transactions with live chat for customer engagement.  Native mobile apps still accommodate live chat, but 2‐way communication is a whole lot easier with the 60‐80% view rate of push notification versus the 3% view rate of email blasts.Further consider customer loyalty with native mobile apps:  Customers easily bounce from your website to your competitor’s website, whereas in app, that competitor is less accessible and inconvenient.
  3. SEO Visibility: 
    We all know that mobile websites are now a critical value for Google search analytics.  At a presentation in July, Google executives discussed that company apps would now appear in search results (but, please be advised that apps require good SEO tactics too). It’s a logical assumption that the next generation of Google search analytics may weigh native mobile apps as valuable, just as mobile websites affect search results today.